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Coast Cuisine came about after a group of Coasties got together and contemplated how they could make life easier for people just like them. The commuters, the working parents, the people who squeezed all they could into a day … before going home exhausted to decide what to have for dinner.

Coast Cuisine was born in Tuggerah, NSW, and our enthusiastic team has enjoyed sampling all of the Menu items that we present to you today. With cries of ‘mmm this is good’, and ‘oh wow ….this is delicious’ echoing around the lunch room, you can be assured that each and every item has the Coast Cuisine Yum tick of approval.

Having done the hard yards ourselves, we know that planning meals can be a challenge, and that’s why we’re here to help you. Great selection, great taste, and oh so convenient. Dinner cooked within 10 minutes of getting home … Oh joy!

Give us a try today, and see how we can help take the hassle out of meal times. Coast Cuisine is also proud to support Meals on Wheels Central Coast, with proceeds going back to this iconic Central Coast Company, so they can keep supporting our community for years to come.

No contracts, no referrals, no minimum orders and delivery across the Central Coast.  What's not to love?